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Update 7-9-06: Luckily, the fake password solution seems to have stopped the spam onslaught. Thank you to those that have continued to keep the wiki updated in recent months! --ShawnFumo

The DVDAuthor Package

DVDAuthor is an open-source package consisting of four comand-line utilities which can create or disassemble a DVD filesystem:

  • DVDAuthor - Takes in muxed mpeg-2 streams and data describing titles, chapters, commands, buttons, etc. Produces a directory structure complete with VOB, SUP, and IFO files.

  • Spumux - Reads in PNG files or several text-based subtitle formats and muxes them into and existing mpeg-2 stream as subpictures.

  • DVDUnauthor - Reads in a DVD file system and produces mpeg-2 streams and an XML file that can be input back into dvdauthor.

  • Spuunmux? - Unmuxes subpictures out of an mpeg-2 stream.

This Wiki

This is an unofficial wiki which was created to try to help aggregate information on DVDAuthor. If you have information you'd like to add or change, feel to edit existing pages or add new ones. If you haven't used a wiki before, start with Tips For Editing.

Official Information


  • DVDAuthor's creator and primary developer is Scott T. Smith
  • Wiki created by Shawn Fumo
  • For more credits, look at Credits.
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